You are warmly welcome to participate in the Joulupuu campaign locally or on

Everyone is welcome to donate a present in the Joulupuu campaign

Joulupuu is a traditional Christmas campaign collecting presents to children and youth at risk of social exclusion in Finland. You can participate in the campaign by bringing a wrapped Christmas present to a local Joulupuu collection in your area or by making a donation on

List of local collections (in Finnish) can be found here.

All donated presents will be delivered to a toddler, child or youngster who might not receive any presents this Christmas without the Joulupuu campaign. There are tens of thousands of children under child welfare services in Finland, and over 10 000 in the Helsinki region alone. 

What kind of presents can I donate?

You can donate new, unbroken and clean items that are wrapped, ready to be donated and accompanied with a card stating what is found inside. The recommended value for one present should not exceed 70 euros. Popular presents among children and youngsters include board games, craft or sports equipment, movie tickets and gift cards to an event, experience or store. In addition to new products you can also donate something handmade (e.g. clothes, art). Make sure to attach a card telling whom the present is suitable for (child/youngster/boy/girl), the age of the receiver and what is found inside the package.

The campaign has been organized by volunteers every year since 2000.

The campaign is run by volunteers with a 100% not-for-profit model. The organizing party, Joulupuu Association, is a registered non-profit organization collecting no profit from its operations. All donations are directed to helping children and youth in risk of social exclusion. The presents are delivered to children directly with reliable partners in public social services.


51 442 Christmas Presents


We collected 51 442 Christmas presents from private individuals and organizations.


507 808,69 € in Donations


We received 507 808,69 € in donations through eJoulupuu to be used, for example, for purchasing gifts for children and youngsters.


The eJoulupuu collection was carried out in cooperation with the Relief Assistance Collection by using their fundraising permit and instrument. The collection costs of the Relief Assistance Collection were 15% of the collection revenue (Collection Permit RA / 2020/639).


134 Different Localities


We collected gifts at 134 different localities around Finland.


831 Volunteers from All Over Finland


831 volunteers took part in organizing local fundraisers all over Finland. A total of more than 8000 hours of volunteer work was done to organize the fundraisers. The local fundraisers gave the Joulupuu ry Association an overall rating of 4,3/5 for coordinating the collection activities.

Participate in the Joulupuu campaign by donating on! gives you an opportunity to participate in Joulupuu even if you are unable to participate with a physical present or if there are no local Joulupuu collection in your area.