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Help Joulupuu ry and donate to the eJoulupuu collection! This collection is continuously raising funds to support the important work of Joulupuu ry. Joulupuu ry is a non-profit organization that works for the benefit of disadvantaged children and youth. The raised funds are used to enable the charity work of Joulupuu ry. In addition to this collection, we also raise funds in the eJoulupuu collection from November 1st to December 26th each year to help disadvantaged children and youth across Finland, for example, in the form of Christmas gifts. Those in need of help, are found through Joulupuu ry, Kotimaanapu and their partners. Fundraising permit RA/2020/639.

Donate by clicking here or by MobilePay with the number 48595.

Companies can also request an invoice from

Joulupuu ry's collection to support national activities is open all year round, so you can donate at any time. Donating is an easy way to help Joulupuu ry!

The local online collection for eJoulupuu is open annually from November 1st to December 26th.

The evil Krampus wants to destroy Joulupuu so that no child or young person would get a Christmas present this year! Help us beat Krampus by donating to the eJoulupuu collection!

eJoulupuu brings presents to disadvantaged children and youth, who might otherwise be left without gifts. The eJoulupuu collection makes it possible to give monetary donations, as in Joulupuu collections, only physical Christmas gifts and gift cards are accepted, not monetary donations. eJoulupuu is carried out together with Joulupuu ry and Kotimaanapu. Collection permit RA/2020/639.

You can donate in eJoulupuu in two ways:

  1. You can donate to your local eJoulupuu Collection! The raised funds will be used to buy Christmas gifts for local children and young people in disadvantaged situations. The collection period for local eJoulupuu Collections is from November 1st to December 26th every year.
  2. You can donate to the Joulupuu ry’s national eJoulupuu Collection! The raised funds will support the important organizational work done by the Joulupuu ry to reduce inequality among children and youth. Joulupuu ry's eJoulupuu Collection is open all year round!
  3. Companies can request an invoice from: for any Joulupuu ry’s collection.

We have made a great folder, where you can find marketing materials ready for each location. The materials include two different social media posts with pictures, as well as a poster that you can freely print and display on public bulletin boards.

eJoulupuu collection is open until 26.12. and until then we can advertise freely. You can find free marketing materials here:

The main partners of Joulupuu ry:

What is the eJoulupuu collection?

  • eJoulupuu is a fundraising campaign, which Joulupuu ry and Kotimaanapu organizes together to raise funds to help children and young people in disadvantaged positions. The eJoulupuu collection allows for monetary donations, as in Joulupuu collections, only physical Christmas gifts and gift cards are accepted, not monetary donations.

  • With the funds left over from purchasing gifts, discretionary support is provided to children and young people in the areas, such as covering the costs of hobbies, sudden emergencies, or organizing enjoyable activities, such as a theater outings.

  • The eJoulupuu collection uses Kotimaanapu's fundraising permit and instrument. The collection costs are a maximum of 15% of the raised funds. Collection permit RA/2020/639. Of the collection costs, 1/3 is allocated to Joulupuu ry's operational costs and 2/3 to Kotimaanapu's eJoulupuu operation costs. The remainder (at least 85% of the funds raised) is directly allocated as gifts, gift cards, or funds to the local Joulupuu locations to help children and young people in disadvantaged positions.
  • We cooperate with S-Business to ensure that help reaches those in need with eJoulupuu funds. We give our local collection recipients (social services etc.) access to our S-Business account, through which they can grant prepaid cards to gift recipients, and they can purchase exactly what they need directly from the store they want using the card for the payment.

eJoulupuu collection results:

🎄 2023 - 507 808,69€
🎄 2022 - 377 802,67€
🎄 2021 - 326 008,49€
🎄 2020 - 356 367,27€

What is the Joulupuu collection?

  • The Joulupuu collection has been organized throughout Finland since 2000. In 2022, we collected gifts in 130 locations! The Joulupuu collection collects Christmas gifts for children and young people in disadvantaged positions who might otherwise be without Christmas gifts. All gift packages brought to the collection are delivered, for example, to children and young people in the local social welfare system. The collection recipients vary by location.

  • The Joulupuu collection is non-profit activity. Each collection is organized locally by a local organizing team. The collections are organized by various organizations throughout Finland, such as Junior Chambers, local associations of Mannerheim League for Child Welfare, Lions Clubs, or Joulupuu ry's corporate partners. Joulupuu ry grants organizing permits and supports local collections.

  • More information: Donate to a collection or Read more about our activities.


eJoulupuu collection collection costs

All professionally conducted charity collections have collection costs. The collection costs of the eJoulupuu collection are a maximum of 15% of the funds raised, which according to research is a very low collection cost percentage (more information: The eJoulupuu collection is conducted in cooperation with Kotimaanapu, using their fundraising permit and fundraising platform. Kotimaanapu is a member of Vala ry, the Finnish Fundraising Association.

The collection costs consist of verified costs related to organizing the Joulupuu collection. Of this amount, two-thirds goes to Kotimaanapu, who maintains the eJoulupuu collection, and one-third goes to Joulupuu ry. All operational costs are reported to the National Police Board. Collection permit RA/2020/639.

Kotimaanapu is responsible, for example, for the bookkeeping of the eJoulupuu collection, coding and maintenance of the donation platform, monitoring the use of funds, and practical matters related to distributing the funds.

Joulupuu ry currently has three part-time employees, who support the local organizers and take care of the administration and management of national collections. The organization also supports local volunteer collectors by providing them with free package cards and offering them small financial support to cover the costs of organizing the collections (such as packaging materials, fuel costs, refreshments). Joulupuu ry also holds trainings for local volunteers to ensure responsible organization of the collection.

There are nearly 300 local eJoulupuu collections, and organizing, coordinating, and monitoring them is a big task. Managing the use of collection funds also comes with a great responsibility, and preventing misuse is crucial. This work is carried out by paid professionals, while volunteers focus on organizing local gift collections as voluntary work (with support from the organization). It would not be possible to carry out the eJoulupuu collection as a complete act of charity in a way that 100% of the funds raised would go to the donation recipients. The collection costs are also communicated at the time of donating.

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